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Bishaaro Farxad U Ah Walaalaha Cusub Ee Al-Qimmah: Sharax Sawiran Ee Ku Saabsan Nidaamka Isticmaalka Shabakada Islaamiga Al-Qimmah  
Cudur daar ma harin:: Sharaxidda barnamijka leeysku qariyo ee Tor + Sawiro + Su'aashaad rabtid soo bandhig  

Isdaaraadka Iyo Bayaanaatka ka Cusub Shabakada Islaamiga Al-Qimmah
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Default E-Book I'dad

note: academic study only"

Homemade C-4 A Recipe For Survival

Review Source: Product Description
Survivors know that the day may come when they need something more potent than dynamite. For blowing up bridges, shattering steel and derailing tanks, they need C-4. But it is not available in the U.S., so find out how to make your own by following Ragnar's step-by-step instructions. For information purposes only.

Download 6MB:

Black Book Companion: State-Of-The-Art Improvised

Review Source: Product Description
CIA and Special Forces used the original Black Books as manuals of mayhem and sabotage. This is a further study into the dark art of improvised explosives and munitions. Learn how the guerrilla warfare specialist makes dynamite, RDX, canister grenades, antipersonnel mines and more. For information purposes only.

Download 9MB :

CIA Explosives For Sabotage Manual

Review Source: Product Description
This comprehensive manual covers such topics as improvised firing systems and detonators, steel cutting techniques and derailment technology. For Information Purposes Only.

Download 6MB :

Do or Die: A Supplementary Manual on Individual Combat

Review Source: Product Description
The timeless techniques of the infantryman are demonstrated in this classic manual of hand-to-hand combat, which teaches soldiers how to win fights using bayonet fencing, knife fighting, jiu-jitsu, savate and boxing. Accepted as a training guide by the U.S.M.C. when it was published in 1937, it is available now as an exclusive reprint for students of combat and collectors of impossible-to-find books

Download 11MB :

Kill Or Get Killed

Review Source: Product Description
This is the best and longest-selling book on close combat in history. Reprinted and in current use by the U.S. Marine Corps as an official training manual, it details methods of self-defense, offensive close combat, combat shooting and crowd-control techniques in riot situations. Colonel Rex Applegate is widely regarded as the father of modern close combat and combat shooting, and this book is considered the standard by which all other books on the subject are judged.

Download 15MB :

Improvised Home-Built Recoilless Launchers

Review Source: Product Description
What makes this the finest (and perhaps strangest) improvised recoilless weapon system on today's market is its economical and environmentally friendly countershot system, which uses cookies. Included are two "cookie" launcher designs, step-by-step instructions, diagrams, schematics and test-firing data. For academic study only.

Download 12mb :

The Modern Survival Retreat

Review Source: Product Description
Modern retreaters have a new enemy to fear - our own government. In this companion to the classic book The Survival Retreat, Ragnar answers such vital questions as how to identify exactly who threatens your freedom, when to occupy your retreat and how to fight the government when it goes hard-core against you.

Download 6Mb :

FMX: The Revised Black Book: A Guide To Field-Manufactured Explosives

Review Source: Product Description
Here is a complete, modern guide to making 45 different explosives for unconventional warfare applications. Includes vital safety guidelines, step-by-step procedures, a breakdown of explosive components, explosives to avoid, a useful glossary and more. For academic study only.

Download 6Mb :

More Workbench Silencers

Review Source: Product Description
Larsen's latest is packed with fun, inexpensive and brilliantly simple designs, each with a detailed schematic. There's an incendiary method of destroying inaccessible taps and bugs, circuits for detecting phone line cuts and usage, designs for undetectable phone taps, ways to use off-the-shelf components to remotely control a bug or phone tap, some low-power-drain circuits for marking hidden caches and much more! For academic study only.

Download 5Mb :

Invisible Advantage Workbook: Ghillie Suit Construction Made

Review Source: Product Description
The three-dimensional camouflage of the famed ghillie suit is unparalleled in its ability to conceal the outdoorsman. But preassembled suits are expensive, and kits can be both costly and time-consuming. Tom Forbes, author of the best-selling PVC Projects for the Outdoorsman book and The Invisible Advantage video, has come up with an alternative. Using simple procedures and economical, easily found materials, Forbes guides readers through the manufacture of several different kinds of ghillie suit, including the garment used by the British military during World War II. This handy workbook contains tips on materials and techniques used in ghillie suit construction, as well as valuable information on stalking methods.

Download 6Mb :

The 50-Caliber Rifle Construction Manual: With Easy-to-Follow Full-Scale Drawings

Review Source: Product Description
This is the book that do-it-yourselfers anxious to try building their own .50-caliber rifles have been demanding since the best-selling Home Workshop .50-Caliber Sniper Rifle videotape first came out. In this companion book, Bill Holmes uses easy-to-follow foldout drawings and precise dimensions to take you step-by-step through the process of designing and constructing your very own .50-caliber rifle easily and inexpensively. Find out this master gun maker's professional secrets to fashioning the receiver, barrel and accessories, bolt, trigger assembly, buttstock, scope mount, bipod and muzzle brake using commonly acquired materials. Once you have made all the component parts, Bill then instructs you in the right way to assemble and test-fire your new home workshop firearm. With Bill Holmes as your guide, construction is a snap. Warning: It is your responsibility to make sure that you have complied with all local, state and federal laws with regard to the manufacture of any firearm.

Download 8mb :

the PDF file in the rar archive is broken. use the link below instead, if necessary

Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance: The .22 Machine Pistol

Review Source: Product Description
Detailed illustrations, clear photos, and thorough text show you how to make a sharp, reliable .22 machine pistol from scratch. Covers everything from choosing the right tools and materials to building the gun's major components to final finishing and bluing. For academic study only.

Download 6mb :

David's Tool Kit: A Citizen's Guide to Taking Out Big Brother's Heavy Weapons

Download 10mb :

United States Army Survival Manual

ISBN-10: 0760747105
ISBN-13: 978-0760747100
Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Barnes & Noble
Date: (August 15, 2003)
Language: English
Size: 20 MB

Product Description

Bomb threats, anthrax scares, and the fear of nuclear warfare. Gas masks, duct tape and big bottles of water fly off the shelves: today no one feels secure.

And that doesn't even take into account "ordinary" emergencies. With this authoritative field guide on hand, you'll have all the information you need to survive a variety of disasters. Originally commissioned by the Department of the Army to train its special forces in all-climate, all-terrain survival tactics, the manual describes situations and illustrates solutions that could mean the difference between life and death. Find out how to make polluted water potable, improvise containers for boiling food, build shelter, treat illness and injuries, find direction using the sun and stars, foretell the weather from the clouds, and more. Full-color photographs and detailed information help you identify poisonous snakes, as well as edible and non-edible plants. Special guidance is given on surviving in the desert, the tropics, the Arctic, and at sea. A must for campers, hikers, explorers, pilots, and anyone who wants to know how to survive in primitive conditions.

Survival Kit Basics
Specific survival kit items vary with environments, but all should contain in a durable water repellent case:

First aid itemsSignaling itemsWater and/or means to obtain potable waterFire-starting itemsFood and/or items to help you obtain foodShelter items

هنيئا لكم اللحاق بالاحبه
يا ابى عمر وابي حمزه

تقبلكم الله ياتاج رؤوسنا وقرة عيننا
في اعلى عليين
اللهم عليك بالرافضه الانجاس فأنهم لاعجزونك
حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
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waana shabakad madax banaan oo aan taabacsaneyn Urur gaar ah ama Dowlad,
laakiin waa mid Xaqa Raadisa xili kastaba.
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